Advent of Code 2021 - The End

I finally finished the code challenges of Advent of Code 2021. I was really, really stuck on day 22, but I’m glad I kept at it. Here is my solution.

And this is my calender for that year, which is a lot more colorful than 2022:

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Advent of Code 2022 - The End

I am really happy to announce that I solved all of 2022’s Advent of Code puzzles, and most of them even within the same day.

I even created a little calendar to show my progress:

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New Website Old Content

Today I had a bit of time on my hands, so I redesigned this site. It consists now of static HTML generated by Hexo, which I hope is easier to maintain than the WordPress site.

I also use GitHub Actions for deploying the website, and GitHub Pages for hosting it.

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Advent of Code 2022

My colleagues have their own leaderboard for the Advent of Code. That’s how I learned of this code challenge, and this year I want to be part of it. Not competitive, but just for fun.

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Stardew Valley Informant

I’m currently playing way too much Stardew Valley, with way too many different people. So of course I’ve yet again started another mod. And this time, it’s actually good:

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Game Mods

Whenever I get addicted to a game, I inevitably start wondering if I can create mods for the game.

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MP4 Spliterator

I created a really simple application based on the Eclipse Example Application that is able to split MP4 Videos at their chapter markers.

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Example Eclipse Application

While there seem to be a couple of projects that use Eclipse as a framework to deploy applications, there are very little that use actual target platforms for some reason. Most want you to download and install a custom Eclipse just to deploy a specific snapshot of their application (example: DBeaver).

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Slothsoft Charts API

Over the holidays I had a couple of hours and started a Java project to displays charts. The end goal is to display electropherogram, but it’s going to be a long bumpy road until I get there.

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Web Development

A lot happened the last couple months, I just forgot to mention it.

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